A little list of Dos and Dont’s for those progressing their surfing.

Do: Learn on a big, wide stable board. Fun/foam boards are perfect for continual development and improvement.

Do: Know your own limits. Always make sure you respect the sea and listen to your body. Surfing is incredibly safe, but not listening to yourself can lead to injuries. 

Do: Go explore. Nothing helps to keep things fresh and exciting than exploring the world. Not only will it help to boost your experience, it will make you appreciate our little island even more when you return.

Do: Remember that patience is a virtue. Everyone will agree that good surfers aren't made overnight. Stick at it and you will see the improvement.

Don’t: Get disheartened when you wipe out. Falling off is most of learning to surf and it happens to the best of us! The sooner you accept it, the sooner you’ll be having fun.

Don’t: Drop in. A drop in is where a surfer catches a wave that another surfer has right of way for. Not only is it hugely annoying, it can potentially be dangerous too. Not to mention the heated exchanges that may occur.

Don't: Let go of your board. When paddling out and you are confronted by a breaking wave, don't let go of that board. This is especially important when surfing in crowded waves. No one wants a rogue board flying around.

Don't: Just rent a board and hope for the best. It’s a challenging sport and it can be very frustrating/dangerous if you’re inexperienced. comre and get lessons and develop into a safe, happy and progressive surfer!