Rules to Surfing Safely With Splash Surf Centre

There are many, many rules to go by in surfing: don’t paddle inside, don’t drop in, don’t snake, don’t ditch your surfboard, and so on. It may sound like Chinese when you are new to the sport. Here’s one tip to keep you safe in the water:



The drop in is the main violation of surf ethics. It’s the one we see way too often.Basically, it means “stealing” somebody else’s wave Jersey. Quality waves are meant to be ridden by only 1 surfer. This way the lone surfer can enjoy specific powerful areas of the wave, where only 1 surfer can fit.

but how do you know if it’s your wave at the Splash or somebody else’s? When you paddle for a wave, look on both sides (right and left) before you take off. If a surfer is catching the wave further inside, closer to the peak, that surfer has priority. If you are closer to the peak ( where the wave is about to break)  then you will be the one with the longest ride, so you have priority.

Hope this keeps you feeling a little more confident about jumping in the sea for some fun and waves