Why We Love Surf Instructing

Super excited for another great week at the Splash Surf Centre- its crazy how quickly summer whizzes by working here! From installing fins and trying out our awesome new hard-bottom foamies (which come in all the bright colours of the rainbow) to treating weever fish stings, being eco-warriors and of course teaching newbies the joys of surfing every day, there's never a dull moment! Our team is having a blast meeting new people who are trying out surfing for the first time, and seeing familiar faces who've been well and truly bitten by the surf bug. Our whole season is shaped by the people we teach and have fun with every day, so a big shout out to everyone who comes and spends time with us- you guys are the heart and soul of our School!

Having worked here for 3 years, one of my favourite things is to see people I remember from my first season back in the water with us, and to see how much they've improved over the years. The surf community here in Jersey is so great and its wonderful to see people that we've taught becoming a part of that community, surfing by themselves and loving what they're doing. 

Another one of my favourite things is seeing someone catch and ride a wave for the very first time- the look of pure joy is unmistakeable and completely infectious, and being part of someone's first ever surf session is a very special experience which I feel privileged to share. I love talking with beginners to find out what made them want to try surfing, and to see people from every walk of life feeling the same excitement at their first wave and coming together through their shared enjoyment of the surf.

If you're keen to come and get involved, if you want to enjoy the beauty of our island break and its stunning beaches in crystal clear water with your friends and fun-loving instructors, give us a call! We can't wait to meet you so you can love the surf as much as we do!