Summer Camps, What are they all about?

We are already receiving a record number of signups for our Summer Surf Camps, but what is actually involved when you child comes and spends a week with here at Splash Surf Centre Jersey?

Our Summer Surf Camps are perfect for ages 5-16, with students learning to surf or improve their skills while developing their awareness of surf safety, rescue and first aid, the environment and more.

All of our Splash Surf Centre Kids Surf Camps have a maximum in water student to instructor ratio of 8:1, and are staffed with our professional and qualified instructors who all have years of experience in surf coaching, working with children and maximising the fun your kids will have with us!

The way we run our summer camps ensure that we instil confidence every step of the way. During our kid’s summer camps, your child
will always be in shallow water and receive personalised coaching throughout. Our energetic and friendly staff will initially analyse your child’s ability before slowly pushing your child’s limits, developing their skills and building their confidence. Naturally, some children will start off a little shy the surf, but soon enough it’s hard to get them out of the water.

We offer 2 different styles of Summer Camp. These are the ‘Mini’ Surf Camp and the Full Day Surf Camp. The Mini Surf Camp lasts for 2.5hrs a day for the full week and is a great introduction to those who are unsure about the surf and sea, or those who are slightly younger and so may struggle with 5 full days in the sea, sun and surf.

We also have the distinct advantage of being sister companies with Absolute Adventures, Jersey’s best outdoor activity and water sports provider. Through this link, all participants on our Full Day Surf Camp are able to spend one day at Absolute Adventures in St Brelades where we go Coasteering, Paddleboarding, Kayaking and on boat and inflatable rides. We always have so much fun on this day and it is always one of the highlight of the kids week! We are proud to be the only surf school that offers extra activities like this and feel it sets us above the rest in terms of the experience your child will have as well as the water confidence they will build as well as awareness and understanding of the beach and marine environment.

Both our Full Day and Mini Surf Camps will cover:

  • The Basics of Surfing: Paddling the Board, Catching Waves, Popping Up, Wave Selection: Wave Parts & Dynamics, Different Types of Surf Breaks

  • Ocean Awareness: Surf Safety, Surfing Etiquette, Beach Cleanup

  • Surfboard Design: Different Shapes, Proper Surfboard Care, How to Wax Your Board, What to Buy

  • Turning Techniques: Riding Down The Line, Timing, Body Positioning

Also the following is included on every Summer Camp.

  • Extensive daily surfing instruction at Jerseys most popular and consistent beach break

  • Personalised surf coaching and training by passionate and qualified staff

  • All high quality equipment (Latest technology Surfboards, Wetsuits, UV 50 rash guard)

  • Our fun, trustworthy and experienced staff monitoring your children safety and experience each day

  • Shade tent, changing facilities and beach games.

  • (Mini Camp) 1hr Theory/Beach Games, 1.5hr Surf Session each day

  • (Full Day) 2 x 1hr Theory/Beach Games sessions, 2 x 1.5hr Surf Sessions each day.

  • (Full Day) 1 water sport and adventure day at Absolute Adventures

We also have the distinct advantage of being sister companies with Absolute Adventures, Jersey’s best outdoor activity and water sports provider. Through this link, all participants on our Full Day Surf Camp are able to spend one day at Absolute Adventures in St Brelades where we go Coasteering, Paddleboarding, Kayaking and on boat and inflatable rides. We always have so much fun on this day and it is always one of the highlight of the kids week! We are proud to be the only surf school that offers extra activities like this and feel it sets us above the rest in terms of the experience your child will have as well as the water confidence they will build as well as awareness and understanding of the beach and marine environment.

You are able to reserve a space for your child with only a £50 deposit on our website Alternatively if you would like to find out more information please contact or phone 07829 878878


Maximising the Stoke for Cold Surfing

We don’t know about you guys but this winter seems to have flown past. Perhaps the recent spell of nice weather and pumping waves have led us into a false sense of security but we are hyped for the upcoming 2019 surfing season here at Splash Surf Centre.

There is still a little while to go until the water warms up to the comfortable surfing temperature we know and love here in Jersey during the summer however below is a list of little tips and tricks to maximise the stoke on those winter sessions!

  1. Never Ride Alone

    Surfing in the winter can be cold, hard and heavy, but thats part of the thrill. It’s also a great boost to the day and certainly gets the blood flowing. That being said it’s always wise to go in with a buddy to keep an eye on each other to share the stoke, as well as to help out if any unfortunate circumstances were to occur.

  2. Don’t Forget the Layers

    Despite the seemingly summery weather we have recently had the water is actually at its coldest around now. Despite this a good combination of winter wetsuit, hood, boots and gloves can cope with even the most baltic of conditions, ensuring you stay warm and toasty throughout you're surf.

  3. Keep Moving

    No matter what try and keep moving in the water. Wether paddling about, rubbing your hands, wiggling your feet. Anything to keep the blood flowing will help fight off the cold, improve circulation and help you catch as many waves as possible.

  4. Listen to your body

    Sometimes it’s important to tune into yourself and understand your body’s feelings. We have all been there, facing perfect Jersey waves, a seemingly endless line of ridable waves that you never want to end. However you need to listen to yourself, if you feel yourself getting too cold or tired to properly paddle for waves or get out back, it might be time to head back to land. After all we want to keep surfing fun and safe!

  5. Book in with Splash Surf Centre

    What a better way to fight off those winter blues than to book in with Splash Surf Centre for your kids summer camp, a private or family lessor or perhaps even a birthday party! Having an exciting adventure booked with our fully trained, professional and dedicated staff will surely help the remainder of winter to fly by in excitement and anticipation to get riding the waves with us!

Pictured is big chief Chester on an absolute winter bomb at low tide splash! Proof that you don’t need to go far for world class waves and great times!  photo -

Pictured is big chief Chester on an absolute winter bomb at low tide splash! Proof that you don’t need to go far for world class waves and great times!

photo -


A little list of Dos and Dont’s for those progressing their surfing.

Do: Learn on a big, wide stable board. Fun/foam boards are perfect for continual development and improvement.

Do: Know your own limits. Always make sure you respect the sea and listen to your body. Surfing is incredibly safe, but not listening to yourself can lead to injuries. 

Do: Go explore. Nothing helps to keep things fresh and exciting than exploring the world. Not only will it help to boost your experience, it will make you appreciate our little island even more when you return.

Do: Remember that patience is a virtue. Everyone will agree that good surfers aren't made overnight. Stick at it and you will see the improvement.

Don’t: Get disheartened when you wipe out. Falling off is most of learning to surf and it happens to the best of us! The sooner you accept it, the sooner you’ll be having fun.

Don’t: Drop in. A drop in is where a surfer catches a wave that another surfer has right of way for. Not only is it hugely annoying, it can potentially be dangerous too. Not to mention the heated exchanges that may occur.

Don't: Let go of your board. When paddling out and you are confronted by a breaking wave, don't let go of that board. This is especially important when surfing in crowded waves. No one wants a rogue board flying around.

Don't: Just rent a board and hope for the best. It’s a challenging sport and it can be very frustrating/dangerous if you’re inexperienced. comre and get lessons and develop into a safe, happy and progressive surfer!


Rules to Surfing Safely With Splash Surf Centre

There are many, many rules to go by in surfing: don’t paddle inside, don’t drop in, don’t snake, don’t ditch your surfboard, and so on. It may sound like Chinese when you are new to the sport. Here’s one tip to keep you safe in the water:



The drop in is the main violation of surf ethics. It’s the one we see way too often.Basically, it means “stealing” somebody else’s wave Jersey. Quality waves are meant to be ridden by only 1 surfer. This way the lone surfer can enjoy specific powerful areas of the wave, where only 1 surfer can fit.

but how do you know if it’s your wave at the Splash or somebody else’s? When you paddle for a wave, look on both sides (right and left) before you take off. If a surfer is catching the wave further inside, closer to the peak, that surfer has priority. If you are closer to the peak ( where the wave is about to break)  then you will be the one with the longest ride, so you have priority.

Hope this keeps you feeling a little more confident about jumping in the sea for some fun and waves

Renting with Splash Surf Centre

Rent surfboards and wetsuits from the Splash Surf Centre located in front of Jersey’s best surf break (Watersplash). Our fleet of boards and top quality O’Neill wetsuits cater for all abilities. Talk to us and we will help you find the right board.

Our boards are designed to be stable for learners and to be especially buoyant which makes it easier for you to catch waves. Hard and soft boards available and we are happy to do swap outs on the weekly rentals so feel free to start with beginner boards and as you progress or just want to freshen things up  pop in and try something else.

We have hire boards for various skill levels, winter and summer O’Neill wetsuits.

Surfboard Hire

£8 for 2 hrs

£25 per day

£100 per week ( free swap outs)

Why We Love Surf Instructing

Super excited for another great week at the Splash Surf Centre- its crazy how quickly summer whizzes by working here! From installing fins and trying out our awesome new hard-bottom foamies (which come in all the bright colours of the rainbow) to treating weever fish stings, being eco-warriors and of course teaching newbies the joys of surfing every day, there's never a dull moment! Our team is having a blast meeting new people who are trying out surfing for the first time, and seeing familiar faces who've been well and truly bitten by the surf bug. Our whole season is shaped by the people we teach and have fun with every day, so a big shout out to everyone who comes and spends time with us- you guys are the heart and soul of our School!

Having worked here for 3 years, one of my favourite things is to see people I remember from my first season back in the water with us, and to see how much they've improved over the years. The surf community here in Jersey is so great and its wonderful to see people that we've taught becoming a part of that community, surfing by themselves and loving what they're doing. 

Another one of my favourite things is seeing someone catch and ride a wave for the very first time- the look of pure joy is unmistakeable and completely infectious, and being part of someone's first ever surf session is a very special experience which I feel privileged to share. I love talking with beginners to find out what made them want to try surfing, and to see people from every walk of life feeling the same excitement at their first wave and coming together through their shared enjoyment of the surf.

If you're keen to come and get involved, if you want to enjoy the beauty of our island break and its stunning beaches in crystal clear water with your friends and fun-loving instructors, give us a call! We can't wait to meet you so you can love the surf as much as we do!



New Splash Surf Camera

We have just got a perfect new setup to capture the picturesque west coast waves that right outside the Splash. Being the most popular place in Jersey for a great surf on a perfect wave we wanted to give everyone 24hr access to check whether or not the waves are absolutely pumping!  So don't forget to hit the Splash Surf website to check the up to date live feed of the beautiful St. Ouens bay waves before heading down for a ripping sesh! 

Spending time down at the Splash Surf Centre

In the past weeks loads of kids have had the experieence to learn how to surf and make new friends and enjoy the warm sea, the kids and adults have enjoyed every step of the way and so have we. as we know surfing is THE BEST and the kids and adults have absolutely loved it. Everybody learnt very quickly and surfed the waves brilliantly! it has been a great expirence for them but aslo for us to see how they perform in something new and fun, as well as playing games on the beach and doing really fun activities throughout the days. Its great to see that everyone is happy and ready to surf! 

Thankyou everyone, keep surfing and smiling! 

Theo Cabot



This is a surf club open to all ages and abilities. We focus on improving your techniques. ocean awareness, fitness and water safety.


 SATURDAY CLUB:  Every Saturday  ( 5 sessions of July for £60)

Junior Club @11am / Adult Club @12pm

TUESDAY CLUB: Every Tuesday ( 3 Tuesdays of July for £36)

Junior Club @5pm / Adult Club @6pm

Activity Week now in full swing!!

Splash Surf Centre have the pleasure of doing a surf camp this week with a great group of boys from De La Salle school for their Activities week. 

Throughout the week the boys have the opporunity to learn from our highly trained surf instructors about both the theorectical and practical components of surfing and water safety. Having our 'Sister' Company Absolute Advenures, the boys on activity week also get to experince some of Jersey's top watersports located in St. Brelades Bay. They provide kayaking, paddle board and coasteering tours, along with RIB trips, inflatable rides, and many other amazing water sports

Be sure to swing down to either company for the top of the line surf and watersports equipment found in both St. Ouens and St. Brelades Bay! 


Making the most of Jersey's heat wave!

What an incredible start to the week with Jersey hitting record breaking temperatures for Mid June. The +30 degree days weren't wasted down here at the Surf center as we had both our children & adult Splash Clubs, a surf yoga lesson and also been crazy busy organising all our summer camps for the fast approaching season!

This hot weather didn't just make all the locals flock to the beach but we have officially got all our 2017 staff back and ready for the season! They're all super stoked to be working down at the Splash Surf center for the summer and what a great team we have got for it! With a collection of both locals and people from all over the world they will be sure to make your surf experince a memorable one in the beautiful waters of Jersey!



Introducing the latest addition to the Splash Surf Centre : THE MEGA SUP, it's a great for all parties and group events.  It's not only fun getting to see everyone work together but it is also GUARANTEED to get MEGA laughs.  We also call it our PartySUP as it's like having a party with sun, sea and laughs

MegaSUP holds up to 8/10 people people, great for birthdays, hen or stag doos, team building actitvities or simply with your friends ... it's even great as a sunbathing deck when the surf is flat.

Everyone together on the boardt the same time. Guaranteed fun !

2hr Surf Party which includes 1.5hr Surf lesson and fun beach games .

£99 for group up to max 7 or £160 for groups up to 16

See our Parties in Action!

June Surf Club Kick-Off!!!

Having the May Splash Surf Clubs be such a success in Jersey over the month we decided to offer a June Session that is not just once a week but booming twice a week! We still offer our Saturday morning sessions but have thrown in Tuesday evenings for more flexibility for the beans!

Being one of the leading the Surf schools on the island we are proud and overly stoked to be growing these clubs and having many people return week after week! The Jersey surf has been absolutley pumping for them and the improvements have been 'out of this world amazing!'

Feel free to swing by the surf shack down in St.Ouens for all your surfing needs at the most affordable costs and always service with a big ole' smile!


May Splash Surf Club Recapp

After two weeks of being in the pumping Jersey waves the Splash Surf Clubs are absolutely loving it! We are so excited to be teaching both the children and adult camps that come on a weekly basis for the month of May. They are doing a fantastic job with both thoery and practical components. 

The surf in Jersey has been absolutely incredible lately and we have been so busy down at the Surf school getting prep'd for the summer 2017 season ahead! 

We do still have a few spots for our June Surf camps which are held on Tuesday evenings (children 5pm-6pm & adults 6pm-7pm) and as well Saturdays (children 11am-12pm & 12pm-1pm) all £80 for the month. Be sure to register soon before we get fully booked!


Great Turn Out Last Weekend at the Splash Free Surf Day 2017

What a pumping day it was down at the surf shack this past Sunday!

The sun was shining all day and we had a great turnout of a total of over 50 children throughout the day. There was so much excitement in the water and on the beach. 

Being one of Jerseys top surf schools we were really happy to offer the free surf day to all the children throughout the island and we can't wait to have all them all back throughout the summer with the 2017 Splash Surf Centre Summer Camps!






We at the Splash Surf Centre are hosting a comunity surfing day for youngsters aged 8-15yrs. It is a FREE surfing day for anyone who has surfed or maybe has never tried surfing before but would really to. Call 07829 878 878 to register for SAT 20 May

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The new season is here and we are super excited about it!! 

Set in the heart of St Ouen's Bay at Jersey's premier surf spot and the home of Jersey's original surf school, The Splash Surf Centre offers Surf lessons for all ages and levels. Learn to surf in a fun, friendly environment with the Splash Surf Centre family.Contact us whether you want a fun day out with the family, lessons for kids or schools, or corporate events. Whatever your surfing experience or budget, we’ll find a package that's right for you.

Summer 2017 Camp Dates

Our 2017 Summer Surf Camps are now online and ready to book!

You can now book and pay online using our new system, choosing from paying either £50 deposit or the full balance now,

Check out the dates here and we look forward to seeing you at the Splash this Summer! Don't forget our first camp is our May Half Term one to get the kids ready with a taste of Summer Surfing!